Never easy

If I could tell a lie 

And feel free,

I would tell you success is easy;

But I can’t and won’t;

Success is not easy;

Success is hard to come;

You have to work;

And really work;

No joking matter;

You have to work 

And see blisters grow 

Like mushrooms in your palms;

It’s never easy;

You have to work and sweat;

But after everything,

When success comes,

It will taste sweet;

And you will be happy

You made the effort;

You have to work;

But hard work won’t kill you;

Hard work will make you succeed;

So go for it;

The result will be Joy.

Don’t think of the Pain work may give you;

Think of the joy you get in the end;

“No sweat, no sweet”.

That’s what we say, isn’t it?

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