Revelation about you

Hello! I found this wonderfulal and here share with you:

“This is a striking revelation. During my morning prayer today, God made a wonderful revelation about you, my readers and followers. He said he has many good things for you today; that your heart’s desire will come true if in His plan that is the best thing for you. I believe Him with all my heart.

‘He reminded me of his promise that He’ll never give you what is not good for you.  Instead, that He will always give you the best for you and always stand by you; that all your enemies will, this day, be crushed.

 ‘This revelation will come true. If you like it, share, reblog or forward it to ten others to bless them too. For he said no one shall enjoy his blessings alone; they must be shared.

 ‘To gain more favor with the Lord end your comment with these words:  ‘Amen! Praise you, Lord!’ “


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