The Price of PEACE

My life is consumed by mistakes. Confused about the future, distraught about the past and now at my tender age, God is still teaching me invaluable lessons. It’s 0-dark-thirty but it doesn’t matter the time. I look to the heavens in shades of gray and brown. Persisting, the stage is set. As my world is murky and shadowed from the sun, I strive to achieve that which God would prefer. I look to prayer as a way out. I review Psalms 68:11, reading all other verses before and after. Searching my conscience, my spirit finds restitution.

Off in the distance, church bells ring. It’s too early for service and it’s only Thursday, or is that God calling? I’ve come to a curve where the weary yield; slowing down is not an option. Protected by the Holy Spirit, I realize now the “price of PEACE”.

Though the storm clouds may gather, it’s who reigns in heaven that actually matters – we are not a divining light. The “price of PEACE” is allowing unto Him to rule our world. We watch and read the virtues of powers that stand in absence. God is the Prince of Power and we merely reflect….

Our faith ensures our integrity; hearts are blessed as only He sees the real in us. Like a reflection in a lily pad, God knows the hell you’ve lived. As another day passes giving grace, God our Father makes a way for us to know when it is our time. Watching Him work on our future, we turn to the Holy Scriptures; the past is now fast forwarded. In our midst, as we hang on in the darkest moments, angels come…. not bearing wings but reassurance and fortitude. Our daily routine is altered by His awesome power. We are forthright believing in God’s son – our eternal witness – for every move.

Here, below the whispering storm clouds, God knows; He hears the pains of those who follow. Struggling, turmoil is born from obstinacy; much like paddling up stream in a leaking dingy. We are all God’s children, believers or not. But the “price of PEACE” is realizing we’ve reached the calm waters of our lives. God had His hands on us from day one.

Let’s pause for a moment and fast track to your past…. remember the past hell you experienced and wish you could do over? Look at the bigger picture! You had to experience it all to be able to go through those gates – to honor the glory of where you are now. It’s, “the price of PEACE”.