Trying To Make A Difference

It’s another hot day and the grains are waving in the summer winds; the valleys are covered in shades of amber. I feel the winds facing my spirit. My soul feels like it’s in a pressure cooker. I am on the brink… my heart pales as I look out over the fields as I am so minute. But God has opened a gateway; I stare out over the valley of believers.  I’m no different than my peers; in fact, I’m not even worthy of the gifts from God. YOU, my friends, are better. But I stand in the wake of waiting for our heavenly Father who doesn’t pick and choose. He wants us all but only a few will follow his command.

I’ll never forget the night my Father woke me and told me to write. I still laugh to myself as I thought He was kidding. I said to God, I’ve never written a thing in my life and you think I can do that?? And at the age of sixty??  You can imagine the rest of that story!  I went to the kitchen and picked up a pen. The first piece I ever wrote was, “Jesus In the Back Seat”.  I never published that sacred piece.  Instead I have it stored in my memory as it was what God said to write first.  I got the message….

My point being, while sitting in the dark to begin a journey with not even a road map, I had no idea where I was headed, but God knew!  I ask, “Will you let Him be your engine?”

Can one human really make a difference in 2017? I’m not worthy but I am called.  I have to wonder, what defines worthy? We are all sinners of one sort or another. Doing God’s work comes in many different forms, it’s not just those of cloth that are called upon. I’ve lived long enough to hear those who swear to God and get crucified behind the curtains.

I just stay in prayer knowing if I do as God desires, I’ll be blessed by His own presence. My writings aren’t mine… they are messages from heaven. I have no outline or study guide, nor a computer to correct my poor grammar errors. But being left handed, I just peck away with my “right thumb” on my cellphone. God forbid I get arthritis!  I’m just me; my mother’s boy, loving life and listening to the Lord. ……