A Love Story? – Chapter Two

Part two of a short story titled, “A Love Story?”

Sketches By Nitesh

My inside voice, I fucking hate it when I lose track of that. Today there is nothing but silence.

Rain has settled the cloak of dust that usually surrounds the skies of cities these days. These days you can almost taste the sulfur in the air. But today a clean and pristine night was awaiting everyone. It was late, and the minutes passed slowly. Evening had been long gone, and yet the time stayed in that timeless hollow of a growing night.

I left Sandhya there, alone, sitting on the stairs. I didn’t had the strength to stand anymore. I needed to leave. I needed to escape the fog that had shrouded the evening.

I still wish, I never knew her, atleast that way she wouldn’t have suffered that way, I wouldn’t have hurt her the way I did. Knowingly, unknowingly, it doesn’t matters anymore, I killed the innocence of…

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