Recipient: To bequeath unto another. To give of one’s self in respect with nothing in return.

Biblically speaking, I wish we all walked more like Christ. Enjoying my morning of refreshing winds that only come to anoint my soul, I hardly know the limits of my reach. My messages come as though God uses Morse code, in bits and pieces. So I listen to the decoder. I pray for those I know I can help…those who also believe in miracles. Though I watch the storm clouds come, we all must endure as a recipient of God. And so I pray that all who read this may share my point.

Troubled by integrity, falsely accused by the ignorance of men, recipients are giving to their heirs the love and graciousness from above. As though your ear is to the ground, the stampede draws near like rolling thunder. Conflicts are in a quander as you become a recluse. I ponder with you; there’s no excuse to adore the Book then crucify those who engrave your spirit. God be with you!

I too have stopped at the top of the knoll, knowing not what waits. My heart pours out. It is written in stone that love and forgiveness, we are to burden. I think of an old cliché, “practice what you preach”. The implications may not reach some; it’s like preaching to a choir. You can sing all you want, God’s not listening.

So what is correct? Is it you or is it me, or do we need to fight over what we believe? God knows, I pray not. The only thing shed by an evil tongue is loss of love as forgiveness abounds. Commandments are written on weathered rock; we put them in a closet and set forth on our own. Interpreting the Word that the recipient ignores, he follows nothing. Only God ensures the forgiveness. Walking away on Sunday morn, the sermon posted a simple question. “How do YOU treat your fellow man?” What makes you right and makes me wrong? Where does God fit into your time – an hour a week or every day?

Recounting your blessings, can you forgive those who’ve wronged your world along the way? The greater sin lies in the hands of the unforgiven. A great many “hide in” rather than “living by”. I wish I understood….

Though I pray for the recipients of God, may everyone come to the glory, recognizing their faults too. We are all created equal. Not one of us are better than the other…….


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