Social Media Secret. Who knows?

Social media definitely have many secrets. At this moment, I am seriously looking for one only – how to satisfy all my friends on social media.

What do I do?  I am simply overwhelmed. I can’t answer all the messages. I can’t answer all the calls. The phone rings continually. I can’t browse or work on my site. Photos of friends pop up every now and then and they expect me to attend to them.

What do I do? How are you coping. I don’t want my friends to think I don’t care. I don’t want to lose them either.


4 thoughts on “Social Media Secret. Who knows?

  1. This is indeed a challenge. I’ve never been as in-demand on social media as you seem to be, but at times it feels overwhelming for me too. Unfortunately I sometimes have to put off responding to friends in order to finish tasks that feel more important to me. I still get back to them, but sometimes not right away.

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  2. If someone wants to talk to you they’ll call you or come to meet you. Any other means are there for passing the time. It’s not rude if you are not replying. It’s a leisure activity and you should not feel guilty about it. Trust me I’ve been through this. It’s over bearing at times. Too much of social media only blocks the mind. If they are your friends they’ll understand and if urgent they’ll call.

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