The beauty of sunset


FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender-2Sunset reminds me there can beauty in endings. The breakdowns , the break ups , the loss of something cherished all seem like tragedies but in some way they are always a blessing . Sometimes we fight so hard to hold on to things , people or situations ; we are blind to how they are hurting us .  They zap our energy ,crush our spirit . they make us lose hope  .

We are so often blindsided and so consumed by those L’s we don’t  realize they happen because we need to grow . All breakdowns lead to breakthroughs .They make us stronger , wiser and most importantly they make us appreciate .Appreciate what is left . Appreciate that part of ourselves  that we sometimes so desperately want to be loved by someone else . They teach us gratitude . They lead us on a path of self discovery…

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