Written in anger

My dear friend,

With a heavy and bitter heart I write to you. Why have you done this to me, you coward? Why have you messed my marriage this way, shameless fool? Why is your heart so full of evil?

You told her you loved her when you knew you did not. See how dishonest you are. All you wanted was her body but you had no scruples to deceive her. You promised to send away your wife and marry her. See how dishonest you are even to your own wife.

You even promised to take her to the States and out of my reach to live with you in luxury. Now that you have got what you wanted, you have dumped her. Are you not ashamed of your self?

Are you aware of the damage you have caused. You have pulled her out of her marital home. You have ruined her marriage and mine. You have destroyed her life and mine; and all our children are traumatized.

Don’t you have a heart that feels for others? You are living comfortably with your own wife and children. Does it not bother you that you have shattered a whole family that was living in peace and in harmony? What have you gained? The mere satisfaction of your animal instincts?

Let me warn you. If your shadow ever crosses my path, that is when you will taste the fruit of your labor.

Your enemy.

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