A Love Story? – Chapter Five

Part five of short story titled “A Love Story?”

Sketches By Nitesh

Read Chapter One, Two, Three and Four Here.


It had only been a day. And it hurt like hell in that particular moment.

When does affection becomes love is a riddle which maybe we are not meant to understand. Maybe the beauty lies within the transition. Where I belonged in the transition is something I wasn’t sure of. Maybe I wasn’t in love with her after all and maybe all I needed was some distance. It had been only one day and I felt suffocated. But maybe, all I needed was time.

And would you believe it? Even the toothpaste ran out on me that day. No matter how much cold water I splashed on my face, no matter how strongly I brushed my teeth, that particular need to just lie in my bed had no intention of leaving me. All I wanted to do was to…

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