Are we celebrating together?


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I want, in a very special way, to shout out a big ‘hank you’ to all the sweet friends in this community who have made this site such an amazing one. You are all so wonderful; and we have only just begun.


21 thoughts on “Are we celebrating together?

      1. poeticmotion71

        Thank you, I love inspiring people and I inspire myself just by trying. I think its a wonderful idea to all be part of a site for the inspiration of us all, as it is’ and knowing we all helped each other in the same way that we inevitably inspire ourselves for as long as we only have to enjoy such things we are blessed to succeed. Success is a virtuous reflection on the effort we achieve.


          1. poeticmotion71

            Thank you, I am always impressed by beautiful words. I loved Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice they spoke beautifully in that period and I always noticed that in our time when we see every word being as important as the next with special care on the rests for reflection of the feeling involved, our period language is just lovely. One thing I loved about that period is they relayed everything on their mind as they played with their words all with simple thoughts included all the same innocents behind the humbly obliged.


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