The Ballad of Coffee

Sketches By Nitesh

I drink ton of Tea, we Indians generally do. But my true love, oh you black devil. No, I’m not racist.

I desperately needed some silliness today. Alright, more accurately, I either need a hug right now, or maybe 6 cups of coffee. After all, there is still enough blood left in my caffeine stream.


The Ballad of Coffee


Hello dear old friend,

Arms wide open

I wait for you.

And even though I don’t say it

I love you.

I love every sip.

Time to drink some coffee,

Coffee, coffee

Shut up and let me drink my coffee.

Home is where the good coffee is,

Dear, you are brew-ti-ful

O my noble coffee,

Nothing is like a hot coffee on a cold day,

Or a hot day,

Or a warm day,

Or a humid day.

Shut up, let me drink my coffee.

All I need is love

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