A Love Story? – Chapter Nine

Sketches By Nitesh

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The coffee was finished long ago and trivial chats were exhausted among the chanting of group of people. We, me and Sandhya, took the stairs rather than waiting for the elevator. I guess, waiting five minutes for an elevator was too much for both of us. Or maybe, stairs gave her some sense of security, the extended moments gave her time to sort out her jumbled thoughts. I don’t know, I’m just presuming after all. I guess, I overthink everything.

When we reached the second floor, there was an old fellow, fellow because I’ve never seen him before and he was smoking. Now before you say what is wrong with that, let me tell you there was a sign on the wall to his left that read, “No Smoking.” Now, see, he is the definition of a man, an individual who just doesn’t gives a…

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