A Love Story? – Chapter Ten

Sketches By Nitesh

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The past cannot be erased and it doesn’t come back to haunt us, it simply never leaves. I learned that first-hand on that particular morning. How much I liked to believe that I had moved on, I liked to believe it was a memory I could walk away from. But I guess my over inflated ego deserved that. A sucker punch. I was aching in that moment, I guess the reminder was too much, even Sandhya’s presence in my arms wasn’t enough to ignore the storm that came crashing down hard on me.

But don’t worry my silent friend, my over inflated ego does have a high shock absorbent property. Only if our brain worked like a hard disc, so many memories I’d like to overwrite, so many memories I’d like to delete, I do not want any cached versions of any of that. That…

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