International friends

Hello international friends! I call you international friends because you are located in different parts of the world. Friendship can be such a great joy. One of us Creqtive Siba has already give us a lovely quote on friendship on the occasion of Friendship Day. For that we thank him immensely.

Do you know that Friendship Day is celebrated every first Sunday of August? Many people do not seem to know about this day. It is very important. Who can replace a good friend? A good friend is gold and that is what we all long for. The more friends we have in the world the more chances the world has to be a better place.

It is my pleasure to wish all of you Happy Friendship Day. You just can’t imagine how sweet you are. May God continue to pour his blessings on the friendship that reigns in our forum! And may he grant all of you and your families special blessings throughout this year!

Long live international friendship. May many more friends join us to continue in our little way to spread peace, love, and understanding throughout the world.

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