“Success Inspirer’s World” and Ngobesing Romanus 4 U

Happy to have been interviewed by an Indian author I admire and respect.

Agnishatdal The Ezine

Ngobesing RomanusSB @ AGNISHATDAL: Tell us something about Success Inspirer, your blog looks fabulous btw.
NR @ SUCCESSINSPIRER: Thank you very much for this interview. I feel honored to be interviewed by a writer I have so much respect and admiration for. Your magazine is amazing.
Success inspirers’ World is my brainchild to inspire, motivate, encourage and coach readers to do what is necessary to reach their highest potentials; to achieve their dreams in life. I believe that we all have enormous talents which need to be developed and harnessed to take us to where we want to be. We are all created for great things and we should achieve great things in our lives.

SB @ AGNISHATDAL: Are you paying something for writing Guest posts?
NR @ SUCCESSINSPIRER: For now our site is not a moneymaking site. Eventually I hope it will be and all those who contribute to make…

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