Giving up disease

Giving up is a serious disease in human society. But how many people see it as such? We are challenged to treat it as a disease or better still as an epidemic that is ravaging the human society.

 It is hard to say with exactitude how many people give up every day, but they should be in their millions if not billions. More  are those who give up than those who don’t. No doubt the people who fail outnumber the ones who succeed. 

Giving up leads to failure. It could well be another name for failure. Each time you give up, you fail. You create one more failure. 

Since there is so much giving up, I simply call it a disease. We need to rid society of this disease. That is why so much is being said about the necessity to stick to it; not to give up.

Cure yourself of this disease by resolving to persist to the end in every thing that you do. Do not abandon anything half way. Get to the end of the road. 


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