Request to older bloggers

Dear loving older bloggers,
Hope the best is coming your way.
That is my wish for you.

You must have noticed that we have many young bloggers around. What a good thing! We love the young and say the young must grow. Let’s give them a hand to grow. Many of them are giving us the link to their blogs and wishing that we visit and support them. Dear loving friends I pray that we do that for them.You will easily find them here. Please, let us show them, by example, to help other people to grow.

May God reward you abundantly for your kind deeds!



15 thoughts on “Request to older bloggers

      1. You want us to show support to young bloggers and give them help with their growth of followers, right? I asked you to send me their profiles (blog names) for me to like. The only way of communication in WordPress is by comments, so REPLY at me the young bloggers blogs so I can FOLLOW them and show support. Am I making any sense at all?


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