The best for the end

Advice to young people:

“If you do not have the nice things that your heart desires in your young years, do not say life is unfair to you or that God does not care about you. Keep working hard. Keep doing your best and never lose faith in life and in God, the mighty artist who creates all things. He may be reserving the best for the end for you.” Romilia Quotes.


6 thoughts on “The best for the end

  1. Really great point. Having been through a few very traumatic moments in my life, I found my most recent one to be a challenge and absolutely did not follow this statement, though as time has passed I have not only forgiven my God, I have found that it was truly the best thing that happened to me and allowed me to move into a new place in my life, allowing me the ability to help others as I was helped. I believe that while struggles will occur and we may not follow the above, I believe completely that God takes us where we need to be and once you can accept that you can once again evolve. Trusting in your God and having faith that he knows what is best for us is where I chose to be. Thanks for the share.


  2. Will do that. Maybe we all should put a little more faith in people, so would not need God all of the time. This WordPress thing is a good platform to start doing that. Just sayin. 😀


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