Add a line or more

No matter how well you are doing in life, not everybody will applaud you;
No matter how brilliant you may be, not everybody will praise you;
No matter how good your performance may be, not everybody will like it.
No matter how humble you may be, not everybody will speak good of you;





11 thoughts on “Add a line or more

  1. If your voice isn’t loud enough, a crowd won’t hear you. Even with a microphone, you must speak up, and to those who are in the very back of the room. Some won’t listen. Others will applaud. Say what God tells you, and you will have defeated yourself.

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      1. I have to throw my voice to the back of the room, even with a microphone. I have learned that this works. I was shy, and withdrawn until I met Jesus Christ. He helped me speak when I couldn’t. I overcame by the blood of the Lamb. My mouth didn’t refuse to open. Deliverance is from the Lord. Now I talk too, much.

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        1. I believe God wants us to live for Him 100%. This is head to toe, inside and out and all around He wants us. The benefits are that He loves us with His love which is not selective, or proud. I believe God puts us in with the lions after a while because He wants to test our training that we have gone through with Him. Remember Daniel? He went to sleep in the lion’s den. God shut their mouths. God is able to shut the mouth of the lions.

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