The Clueless Heart Of Mine 

The riverside amble in the late of night

The beaten track is an evidence of might

The laughter, the looks and dreams of day

Blew out the candle, wished out of the way

Moments were colorful, painted with love

Or is it a delusion, hallucination and imagination’s show?

Now the blame, the joke and everything is on me

I weep in the dark where there is nothing to see.

May be your kiss was lost in the oblivion.

It wasn’t love, you said. So casually cruel!

I waited as days turned to eons

My love and hope, as stubborn as rocks.

They said love will make you fly, I believed

But why am I stuck in the fiery abyss, not relieved?

(In response to the daily prompt : Amble, this poem is originally posted on Yuvi’s Buzz.)

Image Source: Pixabay 


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