The worst becomes the best

The day started off very badly for Belinda. She described it as the worst day of her life. She had reason to think so. She had gone through thick and thin and feared the worst lay ahead.

By evening, it was no longer the worst day. Everything had changed. The worst had become the best.

That is life. The worst can become the best. It partly depends on you and on the creator who controls life here below. At all times, do your best even when dark clouds hang above your head. That things start badly is no guarantee that they will end badly. With your Creator working together, the worst can become the best.

When Mabel was in elementary school, she was considered the worst pupil in her class. She failed all her tests and all her exams. But one day, a word of encouragement from a visitor to her school changed everything. This man expressed faith in her; and that motivated her to put in more effort to become successful. That paid off. Within a short time, she started doing better in class work and in tests. She continued to work hard. Within two years she was the best pupil in her class.

Don’t you know someone who was too timid to speak in class but ended up being a great public speaker? Such are galore. The worst can become the best. Where you are weakest, perhaps God wants you to be strongest. Put in more effort and you may be surprised to see its where you will become a champion. The worst may become the best.


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