A Love Story? – Chapter Fourteen

Sketches By Nitesh

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Once we controlled our laughter, Radhika started making tea. I know I said I’m a coffee person but there is something truly beautiful about Radhika’s tea. I just cannot deny myself the pleasure. Tea or coffee. It seems as if an artist’s hands just cannot do any wrong. We had laughed for quite some time until then. Yet Radhika couldn’t supress some random giggles here and there, as if she was having just too much fun to just let it go.

Once she had simmered the tea long enough, she poured it into two cups and handed me the larger one. We stayed quite for a while after that, blowing little breaths to cool the tea, and taking little sips in-between from our respective cups.

“So, anything else happened? Anything other than T-shirt department?” Radhika asked me as a little chuckle escaped her mouth.

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