100th Post – An Interview With A Narcissistic Piece of Shit

Sketches By Nitesh

This particular post has been planned by me for quite some time, hmm, since August 2nd to be accurate. Post number 100. Now that is interesting.


Four awards, three nights, if I’d said I was feeling excited that would have been the understatement of the year, well, the month at least. And before some self-righteous saviour of humanity tells me these blogging awards are a gimmick to increase web traffic, I’ve got two words for you, fuck you.

Now one of my friends, not the blogging kind, the real kind, told me I’m generally a very nice person who keeps a lot in his silence but when I write I become someone who is too rude, aggressive and has an attitude. Well let me clarify something, I’m usually like that, at least to hypocrites. I was nice to her, sorry, I am nice to her because she has an equally…

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