A Love Story? – Chapter Sixteen

Sketches By Nitesh

I’m exhausted. Forty five hundred words in one day. Phew, man, I should get a noble prize. Well, few clarifications, I wrote this chapter in one hour and I do not have the strength to sugarcoat and ornate every line. So, bear with me for this one. After all, all these chapters, they are first draft for something bound to be great. Oh, I just cannot stop. Narcissistic Piece of…. You fill the gap.

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I had just finished typing and putting my phone on the coffee table when the creek of the staircase made me realize the reality with which my confrontation was inevitable. Radhika was coming upstairs. The moment of truth. We all look for certain something, to fill that void, you know, but my silent friend, nothing in the world can fill the emptiness that is left by someone close. It’s a hard…

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