Hay You!


“Behind every beautiful thing,

           there’s been some kind of pain.”

                               – Bob Dylan

20507437_1609240675774930_5430932654994880135_o South Acworth, NH BGage Photographer Copyright- 2017

20246320_1598180436880954_1776491772094243587_n Kicking up His Heels! BGage Photographer Copyright- 2017

19144056_1555658481133150_4735576481515730690_o Family Reunion! BGage Photographer Copyright- 2017

edleys horse of course june 2007 A Horse of Course! TheBlackWallBlog Photo Copyright 2007

4 Questions from Cee:

What was the last URL that you bookmarked or saved?

Expedia.com, for my upcoming trip to see my  3 1/2 yr old Grand daughter in

North Carolina! (It’s been 11 mos since the last time I had one of her precious hugs.)

Do you believe in the afterlife?  Reincarnation?

I believe that Rainbow Bridge is filled with animals I have loved and lost, waiting for the day I arrive. 

Numerous times in my life, I felt a presence or had a cardinal appeared,  I could…

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