A Love Story? – Chapter Eighteen

Sketches By Nitesh

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“I do not, I, uh, I do not, but I just can’t stop feeling like there is a part of me that does belongs to her. See, I told you I feel guilty for a reason. Maybe I did cheated on you, after all.”

“How? I mean I, uh, I don’t understand why do you feel you cheated on me. You didn’t slept with her, right??

“No, not about any of…” my voice trailed away. I didn’t know how to verbalize it, so I just simply decided to give up and said, “Would you mind if we talk in the morning?”

I would have understood if she would have said no but then again, she was the least judgmental one, wasn’t she, so she simply said, “Sure.”

And as I fell on my side of the bed and settled, staring at the ceiling fan, my…

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