In a pickle

And then there was one

via Daily Prompt: Prickle

Oh wait the daily prompt was prickle not pickle!

I had two dates this weekend. Friday I scheduled a beach date with a really hot dude I’ve been talking with. He is a pharmaceutical sales rep so I’ll call him Pill Pusher (is that bad? Lol). Fun place for a first date given my love of wearing only bikinis so he basically got to see me in all my glory. It was fun, low-key and he gave me a kiss goodbye that made my skin prickle and my toes curl. We have another beach date coming up soon this Wednesday.

Then major stomach troubles hit me Saturday and left me feeling crappy most of the weekend but especially Sunday night. But I downed some Pepto to calm my stomach issues and went on a coffee date yesterday evening. Due to my feeling nauseated all day I…

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