Poem ‘The Way To The Other Shore’ by Mirakali

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The Way To The Other Shore

Move on, move on,
find your way to the other shore.
Climb up the mountain,
cross over the river,

overleap the deep valley,
leave the places of darkness,
leave the people of madness and strife.
Find your way to the other shore.

There begins the path of courage,
there you become a warrior of love,
a fighter for freedom,
there you find the sense of life,
the meaning of the world,
there you‘ll find your destiny
and the one friend that will never leave you.

Never be lonesome.
There you find the peace inside,
the wisdom, the smile.
Move on, move on!

Move on, move on,
find your way to the other shore.
Cross the ocean to a deeper sea.

Push forward, don‘t hesitate,
there‘s no time to waste.
You must feel it, you must experience it.

Be yourself to the depth of your soul
or you will miss the way, will miss the chance.
Move on, move on,
find your way to the other shore.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali © Mira Sound Germany

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Image above: Sea at Antibes (France); photo by Mirakali; © Filmaur Multimedia


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