If people laugh at you

If people laugh at you,
And say you cannot do it,
Go on and do it;
Prove them wrong;
Show them
You can do it;
You can do
Whatever you want to do.


10 thoughts on “If people laugh at you

  1. M. Sakran

    Ah, but are you doing it because you truly want to, or simply because you were challenged? To do something because of the push of others, seems like being controlled. It seems like it would be freer to decide whether or not to do something, regardless of the negative actions of others.


      1. M. Sakran

        It seems that when faced with a negative influence, as the poem described, that the best course of action, would be not to do something because of it, or in spite of it, but rather, regardless of it.

        It is often heard, that someone succeeded because others said they couldn’t do something. This seems to almost justify the negative actions though. As if not for someone saying you couldn’t do something, you wouldn’t have done it. It seems it would be better to achieve what you do, apart from negative outside influences.

        Just some thoughts.


        1. I like your thoughts. You are right. It is good for us to do what we should do and not wait to be challenged before we do it. The reality is that negative thoughts are bombarded at us daily and they often tempt us to give up. Hence, the idea is that with all these negative thoughts and discouraging messages that keep on coming, let us not give in to them because it will mean failure if we do. There are some people who will underate, underestimate us or run us down. We must not accept it. We must prove to them that we are not what they think. We urge people this way because many people allow themselves to be discouraged by what others think or say about them; but when you encourage them this way and they listen to you they will end up happy because the results will be good.


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