It was a miracle

All of a sudden I saw it in front of me. That was what I had been dreading most as I threaded my way through the thick and dangerous forest. No one had done it before. It was a forbidden forest because of the wild animals that inhabited it. But having survived the plane crash, I had no choice but to try to find my way out.

My heart pounded. I developed goose pimples. The hair on my head stood up. Shivers went down my spine. From time to time, my thought was frozen. The least sound scared me.

Then all of a sudden it happened. Right in front of me stood the most dangerous animal in the world, looking desperate for food. The hell was scared out of me.

Behind me was the deep sea. Even then that deadly creature could swim more than me. There was no doubt what would happen to me. My family would never know what ever happened to me.

I could not cry. My heart stopped beating. Then I heard a thundering sound. It was a shot that got the wild creature on its heart; just when it had skipped and was about to land on me. We both went down in a heap. I recovered five days later in hospital. When I opened my eyes my rescuer smiled at me. It was a miracle.


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