Daily growth in blogging: 5 little tips

A good thing about blogging is you grow almost on a daily basis if you are serious. I find myself doing this, learning new skills, growing in vocabulary, making new friends and getting more readers, page-views, likes, and comments especially on WordPress.

1. Don’t give up
The thing with blogging is when you start it may be difficult but you don’t give up.
2. Don’t be discouraged
Do not look at the way other bloggers are shinning through their blogs and feel discouraged because you are way down. There is a time for everything.

If you keep on going despite the difficulties you face, and continue to learn to improve your blogging skills, you will eventually find happy days.

3. Learn
Learning is crucial. You can’t make it if you don’t learn. Those who make it big spend enormous amounts of time learning, consulting the right people, asking questions.

4. Seek help
You cannot do it alone. Get other bloggers interested in what you are doing. The easiest way to do this is to get interested in their work. Follow others to follow you. Read, like and comment on others’ posts. They will return the gesture, which will mean growth for you.

5. Work hard
Nothing worthwhile, we are told, comes easily. This is right. Work hard; very hard. Success will come.

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