Quote on correction

“Some people are too proud to accept correction. We cannot grow if we do not accept to be corrected. Of course, correction needs to be done with love and respect not condescendingly. The world will continue to go worse if people refuse to be corrected when they go wrong.” Romilia Quote


14 thoughts on “Quote on correction

  1. If we want to do correction for someone’s fault, they react against correction negatively. Ok we are not the master in all fields of life, but we can talk for what we have experience in only. Unfortunately people still don’t accept it. Little bit hard to convince others about their mistakes and it needs to be corrected.

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  2. I wonder upon the kinds of fault(s) that lead one to identify another’s need for correction via the lens of right or wrong. Is it pride that makes it difficult to accept or might it also be a desire not to be judged; to accept correction by another soul who does not lead or perhaps even walk our path and so cannot know or understand the route(s) we must take?


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