A Love Story? – Chapter Twenty Two

Sketches By Nitesh

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Today let’s talk about death, just you and me, my silent friend, let’s discuss something about death.

In most cases people in our life dies, we mourn for few weeks and then we move in with our daily activities. Everything that is trivial. When very close people die, mother, father, siblings, wife or maybe children, we mourn for weeks, we go through the usual five stages of grief. We struggle a bit to get on with our lives but eventually we become whole again, well almost whole.

But let me ask you something, among these five who’s death do you think affects a person most. Some will say it’s their father, for some it’s their mother, for some it’s their sibling and for few truly cursed ones, it’s their children. I’ll agree with all of you but I personally feel that the death of a…

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