Expressing appreciation

Dear friends, I would like authors and contributors on this site to publish a contributor’s post on appreciation.
If you are not a contributor to this blog but like to be, send us an email to invite you. Our email is The following questions may inspire you:

1. What does appreciation mean to you?
2. Do you appreciate?
3. In your opinion, are the people around you appreciative or unappreciative?
4. Which are you best ways of showing appreciation.
5. Which ways of showing appreciation are not frequently used.
6. What advice do you have to those reading on appreciation.

You are free to look at the topic from any angle of your choice. If the questions do not interest you, put them aside and go on your own way.

Publish directly on the text box above.

#appreciation, #contributions, #contributors, #topic, #writing-trigger


7 thoughts on “Expressing appreciation

    1. Thanks for deciding to join. SIWO is growing very fast into a huge blogging family thanks to everyone’s contribution. This way we are all growing together. I am going to check my mail and put you on the author’s list. As soon as you do the final acceptance to be an author here, you can start publishing immediately. Once again, thanks and nice day to you.


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