Inbuilt success mechanism

God created living things to succeed not to fail. For this reason, he put in each living thing a mechanism to help it succeed. It is an inbuilt-success mechanism.

This inbuilt success mechanism enables plants to function.  A plant has roots, a stem and leaves. This   mechanism tells the roots that the plant needs food and water. It says where to go for them. The same mechanism enables leaves to msnufacture food through the process of photosynthesis.

Animals have their own inbuilt success mechanisms. Without being taught, a bird knows how io build its nest to live in; a baby animal knows how to get milk from the mother’s  breast.

The human being has an inbuilt success mechanism which is permanently searching for ways to bring him success. The question now is why is it then that many people fail in life if we all have this type of mechanism?

Let’s discuss. What are your ideas?


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