Recited or spontaneous prayers?

The question of whether prayers should be spontaneous or recited has not stopped rocking the Christian world and putting a barrier between the Catholic Church and non-Catholic churches.

It is an age-old controversy. Catholics are staunchly attached to their traditional prayers which they recite with a lot of enthusiasm and joy. This, they say, is one of those things that make them Catholic.  But they do not reject spontaneous prayers. They pray spontaneously at times but insist it is not the only way to pray 

The other churches unequivocally reject recited or ready-made prayers saying such prayers are only stereotype but more importantly do not come from the heart. To them prayer should be a spontaneous outpouring of the heart to God. 

From every indication no side is ready to shift from its position. Each claims theirs is the best way to God’s heart.

It seems it’s God alone who has the answer. But when it will come and weather it will come at all, He alone knows. But while waiting, we each have to decide which path to take to reach his Almighty heart.

Which is your path?


22 thoughts on “Recited or spontaneous prayers?

  1. Prayer is intended to come from a relationship with our loving Heavenly Father. It needs to be a dialogue not a one sided monologue. It doesn’t matter if the prayers are recited or spontaneous, when we do not listen and to what our father has to say, it is an empty exercise. Much better to make him a part of our lives and listen and respond. Parents expect to have a relationship and have their children talk but also listen and have a conversation. It is the same with Daddy God!

  2. Hahaha! I have a good one for this reply. I used to be a “praying woman”. Man! I had calluses on my knees to prove it. On my knees, Bible opened in front, one hour minimum, on my face at times, tears, pleading, quoting the Scriptures, on and on was my daily routine. Where did I get that from? From the Garden. Yahushua told them, “Couldn’t you pray for at least an hour?” Hum! I was not going to disappoint my Master. Never mind that He added the fact that He was on His way to do it all for us.

    Anyhow, one morning I got up from my big show of piety confident that I gotten through to the highest heaven, but! That’s when I heard,

    “Why do you have to change your tone of voice and do all of that to talk to Me?” And in astonishment I said, “And how do You want me to pray?” He said,

    “Just talk to me with your normal tone of voice at all times not just at certain times or at times of need. Talk to Me about all your doings during the whole day. Talk to Me as if I was right there with you because I am. Talk to Me and listen to my replies.”

    Phew! What a radical turn in my life. Never again have I felt like praying to a deity up there somewhere above. He brought me into His Presence there to stay forever! What a Mighty Yah for a Loving Father we have! 🙂

      • O but Father got a sense of humor! His dealings with my religious antics of the past? Hilarious! In reading Psalms 2, I thought I had found a loop hole to bring it to His attention. So, after reading that He laughs at the wicked, I walked into my bathroom talking to Him, I said, “How come You tell us to love the enemy but You laugh at them?” I heard almost with my physical ears, “I am laughing at you, wicked one, you do all that reading but you do not obey Me!”
        Oops! You got a point there. I’ll amend my ways. Hum! He didn’t even bother to answer my stupid reply, but! I think He double time His work on me. Shortly after those incidents? That’s when He called me to go to the Lost Sheep of Israel. Been finding the Sheep hiding in the most unlikely places that only He knows about. Amazing! 🙂

      • I can’t work on your site, but, go ‘appearance’ then ‘customize’ then ‘menu’ then ‘edit menu’ then ‘add pages’. Pretty sure that’s how I do it. Hope that helps. 🙂

  3. For me personally, I prefer spontaneous prayers. They come from my heart and it gives me the time I need to speak to God what is on my heart. My prayers aren’t always poetic or even complete sentences (I know God understands me either way). But, they are always sincere.

    However, my extended family members are mostly Catholic and prefer the recited prayers. I think some of these prayers are very beautiful and powerful. I think they can be just as meaningful if your heart is in the right place when you are saying them. Like all things, if it’s said out of habit rather than heart, it is meaningless. No different than saying “thank you” out of obligation rather than sincerity. So, if a recited prayer is going to be used, it’s important to understand the meaning behind the prayer-really know what the words are speaking and speak the words from your heart-not your brain.

    Either way you pray, it needs to be sincere and a prayer between YOU and GOD.

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