Recited or spontaneous prayers?

The question of whether prayers should be spontaneous or recited has not stopped rocking the Christian world and putting a barrier between the Catholic Church and non-Catholic churches.

It is an age-old controversy. Catholics are staunchly attached to their traditional prayers which they recite with a lot of enthusiasm and joy. This, they say, is one of those things that make them Catholic.  But they do not reject spontaneous prayers. They pray spontaneously at times but insist it is not the only way to pray 

The other churches unequivocally reject recited or ready-made prayers saying such prayers are only stereotype but more importantly do not come from the heart. To them prayer should be a spontaneous outpouring of the heart to God. 

From every indication no side is ready to shift from its position. Each claims theirs is the best way to God’s heart.

It seems it’s God alone who has the answer. But when it will come and weather it will come at all, He alone knows. But while waiting, we each have to decide which path to take to reach his Almighty heart.

Which is your path?



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