Ways to be generous without spending money

When we hear of generosity, what often comes to mind is money. We think to be generous we have to spend money. This is not always true. We can be generous without spending a mite. Here are some ways:

  1. Generous with your words. Say kind words to another.
  2. Generous with your smiles. Smile to others and brighten their day.
  3. Generous with your time. Spend time with others; visit the sick; visit a friend; receive people at home etc.
  4. Generous with prayers. Pray for those who ask you to pray for them and also for those who do not.
  5. Generous with knowledge. You can share knowledge that will help others grow.

Can you think of other ways. Also, how can we be generous with our money?


18 thoughts on “Ways to be generous without spending money

  1. There are times when I visit a big grocery store or shopping complexes. I find salespersons trying to talk but are often ignored or rudely spoken to. If I am approached, I do listen if it doesn’t take long enough but finally accept or refuse politely with a thank you..! πŸ™‚

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        1. Thank you too. When we communicate as we do we can remind ourselves of little things that can be very important. I know many stories of people who set out to help but ended in serious trouble. I have been duped a good number of times too. When you have a heart to help some people try to take advantage of you. I try to be wiser and more prudent these days.

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