A Love Story? – Chapter Twenty Four

Sketches By Nitesh

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Well, I was sketching the whole day, so by the time the Daily Prompt was released I was quite tired. So my dear readers, hopefully you’ll understand and forgive me for writing a shorter chapter.


A five minute walk. That’s the last remnant of solitude before I end up becoming a part of the fiction that we like to call news. Five more minutes before I would be face to face with the confusing reality of Sandhya. Would I still be awkward around her even though she appeared to be normal, at least in texts or would I try to reciprocate the terrible humor we were engaged in the last hour? Even I didn’t knew.

I know it sounds selfish and maybe it is. I have no idea but sometimes it’s easier. My relentless need for solitude is easier. Among the sensory overload of cacophonous…

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