Portrait Sketchbook #6

Sketches By Nitesh

Well, this one is specifically for you, Vandana. I chose an apt post to link too (another inside joke, I’m quite good at them).

Well, I don’t think I need to say this but I’ll say it nonetheless, I’m a huge Batman fan. Yeah, I know, no shit. After all, I write too dark, think too dark, listen to the music that’s too dark, like to draw in black (I hate working with anything other than pens). So, It wouldn’t have been much of a shock to know I love the whole Batman franchise.

So, what’s Batman without Joker? What is life without challenges? Hey, this sketch gives me an idea, “The necessity of evil.” Well, I’ll write the necessary jargon for evil tomorrow.”  Pinky promise.

Hmm, Joker. so here goes one of the most brilliant lines said by the arch-enemy of our dark knight.

To them, you’re just…

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