Tested time and again

If you are like me, then you are tested time and again to see if you stand by your beliefs. Are you? That would be normal.

I am tested time and again to see if I stand by what I teach or encourage others to do. Many times I have performed poorly in the test; but this does not discourage me. Sometimes we rise and sometimes we fall, don’t we? Sometimes we stand strong and sometimes we are weak. The ideal is to keep on trying; to be conscious of what we should do and keep striving to do it even when we have tried and failed.

I have been trying a number of things on this site since yesterday. I haven’t succeeded. I am tempted to quit. Should I? That would be preaching virtue and practicing vice. I’ll keep on until I make it.

That is the spirit. Keep on with what you are doing if you know it’s good. Keep at it till you make it. That’s me. That should be you too. If discouragement seems overwhelming, shout out to me. I ‘ll come and stand by you. That is what is meant by journeying together.



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