Highlighted blogs

Hello friends!
Today we are highlighting four blogs. We invite you to be as sweet to these bloggers as you always are by visiting them and making them your friends. Friends help us grow. The more friends we have the better for our blogging.

1. KathrinS

What an awesome idea and concept! If you still have a space I’d love to be promoted. My blog is around 1 month old, and it follows my journey as I set up my new life in London.

Kathrin — http://mycupofenglishtea.wordpress.com

2. nandukeyur

Hello people my blog is all about various things that I like to express through writing.Hope you all will express what you feel about my blog. Thank you success inspirer’s world for this beautiful opportunity.

3. Lemon zest

Hi , my blog , Lemon Zest , is about travel , food and my deeper asipirations and inspirations. I had a really bad incident in life a few months ago , and writing heloed me to find who i truly am and to regain my confidence. Thankyou for this !

4. Avishek Singh

Hello, My blog is all short stories. I’m a newbie here so a audience who like my good work or ready to criticize me for my bad work is welcomed. I don’t want to say much about my stories it’s better if you just have a look at it. My aim here is to become a better writer with time. https://avisheksingh11.wordpress.com

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