If you are sick…

Sickness, nobody likes;
Sickness, nobody wants;
Sickness, we all dislike;
Sickness, we even hate;
Sickness, we can’t avoid;
Sickness, we must have;
Sickness, is sure to come.
If you are sick,
Take courage and face it;
If you are sick,
Have hope that you will be well;
If you are sick,
Put it in prayers for God to help you;
If you are sick,
You will get well at God’s right time.
Don’t fear to be sick.

I got inspiration for this post from a fellow, blogger, Anna Jailene’s poem In sickness. You may like to visit her blog A woman’s life and thoughts

8 thoughts on “If you are sick…

  1. This is such an inspiring poem. Thanks for sharing. I know many of us hate being sick but it’s something we can’t help. We all have such busy lives these days that we can’t afford to take a day off work and we all have expectations from other people to show up at work to get things done.

    With that in mind, I questioned the relevance of the mandatory medical certificate that we need to obtain when we call in sick to work. It’s unnecessary when we’re sick because we should not have to prove that we are sick. We should really just be resting at home.

    I have created a page for it. Check it out and follow the page if you want to hear more.


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