A Love Story? – Chapter Twenty Five

Sketches By Nitesh

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Just looking at Sandhya brought so much emotions to my face. A fake smile might have saved me but then again, that was Sandhya, she would have seen right through me, so all I did was pass a little grin as I looked at her. She offered me the large cup. Coffee, the sole reason I can bear with idiots, extra strong, black with very little milk and sugar. She tried that once, I don’t why but she did. The laughter we broke into once she ended up spitting every little drop was unbelievable.

I took the cup and held it against my lips, taking a big sip. Damn, I really needed my coffee at that moment.

We didn’t spoke for a while, as if talking through our eyes we started moving towards the office.

Walking into my office with perfectly ironed clothes, perfect creases…

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