Danger and opportunity

Do you believe that danger and opportunity are partners? They go together. They may be bad bedfellows but they go together. This, at least, is what Earl Nightingale holds and it’s left to you to say whether you agree with him or not. He says:

“Whenever there is danger, there lurks opportunity, whenever there is opportunity, there lurks danger. The two are inseparable.”

I get the point he makes. There may not always be opportunity in danger and where there is opportunity danger may not necessary lurk but in many cases it does. The idea is to encourage you to be courageous.


4 thoughts on “Danger and opportunity

      • It takes courage to speak, and to do what God wants, but in the long run, if He is behind the doing, then He is blessing. I don’t believe God in inactive. I believe His lovely name includes Creator, and He expects us to be actively involved with Him. See the needs, and care with compassion, asking Him “What can I do? If he says to bake something, then do it with a pray of blessing over it. Often food feeds the hungry, the oppressed, and those who need comforting. It has to be what He suggests, and He will give details. I believe God wants us to get up and use our hands to serve others, our hearts to pray, and to give our feet a good work out. Doing for others is serving Christ, because they who are sick, are not able to help themselves. A smile, or a hug goes a long way when there needs to be comfort.

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