Highlighted blogs

Hi lovely friends!

Here we are with another set of highlighted blogs. Thanks for the positive way you received the last set of highlighted blogs. If we are all so supportive, we will all be putting smiles on one another’s face. That is love. That is living together and being each other’s keeper. Thanks for being so sweet!


  1. AATIF

Hi there,

Welcome to the most awesome source of romantic poetry “POETRY PASSION”.

Here you will find Poetry Composed by My self in English & Urdu as well (known as Ghazals).

Also you will find poetries of so many poets from all around the world,as my site allows guest posts of self composed poetry of other bloggers.

So,enjoy the heart-felt creations of poets from all over the world & do give your feedback or suggestion in a separate “SUGGESTION BOX” menu in the top menu bar.
here’s a link of my site:-

thanks & regards
Syed Sabah Ur Rehman-“Aatif”
Jaipur (India)


2. J | Beauty’s Expert Amateur
To Success inspirers’ world, thank you on the behalf of all bloggers for this opportunity, particularly for us newbies who are still finding our feet in the blogosphere! It’s wonderful to have a platform like this to help us get our work out there, and thank you for following mine too. I blog over at Beauty’s Expert Amateur, where I chat about all things beauty, wellbeing and philosophy. Feel free to pop over anytime you fancy a bit of reading to go with your cup of coffee/tea. 🙂


3. Bronwyn Salisa
Hi, I’m Bronwyn I started blogging a few months ago and then stopped and I’m back in for good now. I write short stories, poems, and give personal updates every now and then. Please read ❤️
My blog: https://ourinvisiblequeen.wordpress.com


4. la fashion bubble
Hello! I have a fashion and beauty blog and I like to share tips, hacks, to talk about trends, fashion exhibits and more. Feel free to check out my blog: https://lafashionbubble.wordpress.com/
Good luck with your blogging!


5. Hi. I’m Roger from New Zealand. I enjoy writing poetry which is the main focus of my blog. However my latest post is about being beautiful. Feel free to check it out https://rogerthepoet.wordpress.com/ . Thank you for the opportunity to share my blog. May the Lord bless you.

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