Marriages doomed to fail

Some marriages are doomed to fail. There are indeed some marriages that should not have come about in the first place. When a husband and wife did not look far enough to see that they were not meant for each other their marriage is doomed to fail. If they continue to live together, it will be a living together void of happiness. The decision to marry should not be based on superficial considerations.

How do you expect a marriage to last if one of the spouses spent as long as a year or more only to persuade the other to marry him? Of course, there are always exceptions, but many of such marriages will not. If you spend such a long time to persuade someone to marry you or if you force someone to marry you, it means the person deep down does not love you.

When we say love is a decision, we know also that it is hard to decide and love what you hate. It means that you take the decision to continue to love what you started loving.

Our point here is know the person you are marrying and have a good degree of confidence that you can live happily together. Do not spend too much time convincing someone to love you and marry you. The person might end up accepting for convenience but such a marriage does not stand a good chance to succeed.


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