My heart is closed

It surprises me
That you call me darling;
Does it mean you still love me?
Then what came over you?
You want me to give you
A second chance;
What is the guarantee?
Where are all the sweet girls gone?
I see nothing but red lights;
I am afraid to put my trust in you;
How can I take such a risk;
The stakes are too high;
I am scared to death;
True, that my heart still beats for you;
But it’s hard to trust you.
Please, stop it!
Stop it altogether;
We are not meant to be husband and wife;
Leave me alone!
It’s all over.
Go your way,
And let me go my way.
Do not, and I repeat, do not insist;
The door of my heart is permanently closed.


#husband, #love, #marriage, #reconciliation, #wife