thiaBasilia’s Corner. Here You Will Find Posts About Her Life In The Creator Of Our Beings’ Presence.

This is thiaBasilia’s page. Here You Will Find Posts About Her Life In The Creator Of Our Beings’ Presence. Let her briefly tell her story:

“I used to be a “praying woman”. Man! I had calluses on my knees to prove it. On my knees, Bible opened in front, one hour minimum, on my face at times, tears, pleading, quoting the Scriptures, on and on was my daily routine. Where did I get that from? From the Garden. Yahushua told them, “Couldn’t you pray for at least an hour?” Hum! I was not going to disappoint my Master. Never mind that He added the fact that He was on His way to do it all for us.
‘Anyhow, one morning I got up from my big show of piety confident that I gotten through to the highest heaven, but! That’s when I heard,
“Why do you have to change your tone of voice and do all of that to talk to Me?” And in astonishment I said, “And how do You want me to pray?” He said,
“Just talk to me with your normal tone of voice at all times not just at certain times or at times of need. Talk to Me about all your doings during the whole day. Talk to Me as if I was right there with you because I am. Talk to Me and listen to my replies.”
‘Phew! What a radical turn in my life. Never again have I felt like praying to a deity up there somewhere above. He brought me into His Presence there to stay forever! What a Mighty Yah for a Loving Father we have! 🙂”

Thia will be sharing with you on this special page. Enjoy her company.


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