Compliments are good

I have just been reading some excellent stuff about compliments. I do really believe in compliments. A genuine compliment can light up one’s day. It does happen to me. I have received compliments that have electrified me and lit up my day. Thus, I like to give them also with the belief that if they can have such a great impact on me, they can also have on others.

My compliments are motivated by a desire to spread beauty and get people to bring out the best in them. There is so much beauty buried in you and I and every other person and does no good if allowed dormant. A compliment will stir it and let it rise to the surface. Though just a little thing, the whole humanity is taken one tiny step on the right direction.

We can change the world and compliments are a great tool to do that. I do encourage that we be more generous with our compliments. Let them flow. Once a compliment is genuine it can never be over done.

When I come across some work that I admire, I find it hard to withhold my admiration and once I admire it, I want to let the person know. To say the least,compliments are good.


#compliments, #encouragement